Tuesday, 11 November 2014

My Leadership Evidence

For formal practice i have co-operated with all of the dances and
helped people that weren't getting the dance as fast as the others.


Wednesday, 3 September 2014


As the snow started to settle one winter morning all you could hear was the
sweet sound of birds singing their beautiful melodies to the fresh morning air.
That was until the loud high pitched wail of my best friend screaming,

" BUGS FOR SALE, BUGS FOR SALE! " You could hear Bugface from the
other side of the market.

" Hey Luna, Grandad Steve, and Grandma Helen ". Said far to confident,
arrogant voice.
His name was Bob. As per usual Bob started picking on Bugface, but we all
know that the only reason that this is happening is because Bob likes Luna.
of course Bugface being Bugface he decided to keep it to himself and walk
away. Luna being Luna she followed him deep, deep into the woods.

" Bugface, Bugface wait up " Luna asked.
" what, what do you want " said Bugface.
" I want you to listen ". But Bugface decided to stay with his back facing Luna
To try and hide the tears.
" Bugface it's ok to look different not everybody is the same and that's what 
us unique" Luna said with a calm voice.
As Bugface started to turn around flashing lights started to come down from the
sky a soft calm voice started to speak. " Bugface you have finally learned that
being different is a good thing you may now be a true human, have a good 
life Bugface and stay out of trouble.
With in seconds Bugface was a human and Luna and Bugface got married 
and lived happily ever after. As for bob his punishment for picking on Bugface
an eternity as a bug. 

Friday, 1 August 2014


On firday every second week I go to work In our school library.
Last week my job in the library was to put books away,  help out
where ever help is needed and read to little kids. I believe 
that I have showed leadership by being a good role model to the
Younger kids. Thanks for reading by.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Ergo baby

W.A.L.T: write an explanation.

Ergo baby is jut  one company that has been effected by someone braking the Consumer 
Guarantees Act.

The Consumer Guarantees Act is hear to protect us and to make sure that us Consumers don't get ripped of by the retailers and businesses.

bellow i will tell you about just one example of the Consumer Guarantees Act being broken
by a fake company and how it has effected the Consumer and business.

one of the rights that has been broken was that consumers have the right to expect that 
goods they purchase from a trader are of an acceptable quality. This right was when the buckle 
on the baby carrier wouldn't hold pressure. The consumer was effected because she wasted her
Money on something that doesn't even work and is unsafe to use.

Another right that has been broken is that they goods they purchase from a trader are fit for particular purpose. The buckle was broken and this could have resulted in the baby falling out and possibly 

Consumers also have the right to expect not to be misled or tricked by the seller.
This right was broken when then the fake company started selling fake baby carries.
The consequence of this is that the real ergo baby may lose their customers and money because people won't know if this company is a fake.

Another one of the Consumer Guarantees Act that has been broken was that the goods they purchase from a trader will bed safe to use. This right was broken when the baby carrier would not hold pressure.

Over all, nearly all of the Consumers Rights have been broken over one fake company selling a fake product. This has effected the consumer and business in many different ways. So make sure that when you buy something online, that the company is real!


Thursday, 29 May 2014

what could go wrong.....

W.A.L.T: Elaborate on one idea.
 Next step: Ideas-elaborate on one main idea rather than lots of ideas.

It was the day, I was so excited what could go wrong.....

We arrived at the airport, just seeing my sister sent shivers down 
my spine, I hadn't seen her in months. She looked so different.

My sister and I had always been so close, we had done everything 
together! When Mum died it brought us even closer and then she
just left. I guess I was sort of angry that she went away, but I
understand why she needed to go fulfill her dream of being an actress.
We arrived home and my heart was still pounding. She spoke for what felt 
like hours, days, weeks, even months, of her experiences and about how it
was so different up in Auckland. Finally she stopped. The way she talked 
and what she talked about sent all these wonderful and loving memories
through my mind. I didn't want it to stop.

The day had come, it was time for Melissa to leave. I didn't know how I was
feeling, I didn't know what to feel.

That sense of anger had left, but the sadness had come crashing back.
She was gone all over again.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Making chocies

W.A.L.T- linking sentence's. 
Next step - to learn how to use proper linked sentence's.

Decisions - We all have to make them but sometimes
they aren't always that easy. There are so many influences
that help us make our choices such as, Friends, Family, law
and Media.

A strong influences at our age group of 11 and 12 are friends.
Friends are a massive impact in our everyday life's. Lets say that
your friends want you to go to the mall but you promised
your Nan that you would go to her house after school.
Well you don't want to disappoint your friends because they might
not hang out with. But just remember that the choice you make
may not always be the right thing to do?

Family, they're a around us, but are they always a good influences?
The way you are brought up can effect the way we make our decisions.
Lets say that somebody smokes in your family and if you live them you
you will probably get second hand smoke. Second hand smoke can effect
you in many different ways depending on how much we get of it. Being
around this everyday could influences you to smoke when you are older.
We need to remember that smoking under the age of 18 is against the law.

The law stops us doing things, but doesn't that make us want to do it even
more? Lets say that you wanted to go to your friends house but you needed 
your mum or dad to drive you but they wouldn't. Well you can't drive your 
self  if your under the age of  18, isn't the law stopping us from going?

Over all Friends, Family, Law and media are all big influences because 
we all want to fit in and we don't want to disappoint others.
At the end of the day the choice is all up to you.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

MY GOALS 3.4.14

My academic goal is : To learn about probability.

My social  goal is : To work with a range of people in side and out of school.

My leadership goal is : Turn up to my leadership roles on time.