Thursday, 17 April 2014

Making chocies

W.A.L.T- linking sentence's. 
Next step - to learn how to use proper linked sentence's.

Decisions - We all have to make them but sometimes
they aren't always that easy. There are so many influences
that help us make our choices such as, Friends, Family, law
and Media.

A strong influences at our age group of 11 and 12 are friends.
Friends are a massive impact in our everyday life's. Lets say that
your friends want you to go to the mall but you promised
your Nan that you would go to her house after school.
Well you don't want to disappoint your friends because they might
not hang out with. But just remember that the choice you make
may not always be the right thing to do?

Family, they're a around us, but are they always a good influences?
The way you are brought up can effect the way we make our decisions.
Lets say that somebody smokes in your family and if you live them you
you will probably get second hand smoke. Second hand smoke can effect
you in many different ways depending on how much we get of it. Being
around this everyday could influences you to smoke when you are older.
We need to remember that smoking under the age of 18 is against the law.

The law stops us doing things, but doesn't that make us want to do it even
more? Lets say that you wanted to go to your friends house but you needed 
your mum or dad to drive you but they wouldn't. Well you can't drive your 
self  if your under the age of  18, isn't the law stopping us from going?

Over all Friends, Family, Law and media are all big influences because 
we all want to fit in and we don't want to disappoint others.
At the end of the day the choice is all up to you.

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