Wednesday, 3 September 2014


As the snow started to settle one winter morning all you could hear was the
sweet sound of birds singing their beautiful melodies to the fresh morning air.
That was until the loud high pitched wail of my best friend screaming,

" BUGS FOR SALE, BUGS FOR SALE! " You could hear Bugface from the
other side of the market.

" Hey Luna, Grandad Steve, and Grandma Helen ". Said far to confident,
arrogant voice.
His name was Bob. As per usual Bob started picking on Bugface, but we all
know that the only reason that this is happening is because Bob likes Luna.
of course Bugface being Bugface he decided to keep it to himself and walk
away. Luna being Luna she followed him deep, deep into the woods.

" Bugface, Bugface wait up " Luna asked.
" what, what do you want " said Bugface.
" I want you to listen ". But Bugface decided to stay with his back facing Luna
To try and hide the tears.
" Bugface it's ok to look different not everybody is the same and that's what 
us unique" Luna said with a calm voice.
As Bugface started to turn around flashing lights started to come down from the
sky a soft calm voice started to speak. " Bugface you have finally learned that
being different is a good thing you may now be a true human, have a good 
life Bugface and stay out of trouble.
With in seconds Bugface was a human and Luna and Bugface got married 
and lived happily ever after. As for bob his punishment for picking on Bugface
an eternity as a bug. 

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